The Business of Great Furniture
Manufacturing Expertise
For more than 40 years the executive team at Great Blue Furniture has developed expertise specific to the needs of manufacturing and production for the world of outdoor furniture and accessories. We design, fabricate, and produce custom outdoor furniture in high volumes while maintaining strict manufacturing discipline and quality control. Every weld, seal, and coat of paint is done in-house to ensure the excellence of our furniture and accessories. Then our expert team thoroughly tests and inspects every unit to ensure the highest industry standards. Great Blue Furniture delivers both meticulous precisions with exceptional quality, so you can aggressively pursue your life of living well on and near the water.
Comfort & Style

Great Blue Furniture believes in creating a relaxing experience wherever you are seated.  Outdoor furniture and accessories has been our business for more than 40 years.  Although Great Blue Furniture is new to the waters edge, our deep knowledge of the outdoor furniture industry, along with changing trends in style and design makes us the leading expert in manufacturing in this industry.


Our goal is to enhance the beauty of your waterfront by offering superbly designed products that are affordable, desirable,  and manufactured with the highest quality on the market.  With years of experience to draw upon our design team uses only the finest materials to achieve these goals so you can relax in style and confidence.

Our collection of currently available furniture is just a small example of our capabilities.  Great Blue Furniture is always willing to work with you to design a style of furniture that best captures your vision and intrigues your customers.  For more information and a complete list of our products, please contacts us at:

Simple Assembly

We have designed and engineered our dock and pier furniture to perform flawlessly with even the most difficult truss structures, but have kept the assembly process as simple as possible without sacrificing strength and durability.  Bolts, spacers, slotted plates, and supports all for adjustability across different widths and heights of most dock frame configurations.  Even trusses made of solid wood or metal extrusions can be modified with pilot holes to fasten the mounting hardware where you need it to be.

All Weather Materials

Great Blue Furniture strives to innovate not only in design and function, but in materials as well.  Our commitment to use the most durable and weather resistant materials and finishes will meet all of the standards of your outdoor needs.  We use Engineered Outdoor Fabric, All-Weather Wicker, Eco-Resin Lumber, and E-Coated Frame Finishes to achieve exceptional standard of quality.  These materials are all UV resistant to fading and degradation, quick drying, and easy to clean after a day of sun and fun in the water.

Multiple Options

Our dock mounting mechanism will fasten to open-web dock trusses up to 10 inches in height utilizing our slotted mounting plate that is designed to accommodate a wide variety of different truss constructions.  The arm width, bucket ergonomic, and overall scale are tested to maximize comfort while soaking in the sun or casting a line

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